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Tủ đông đứng Hòa Phát HCF -280S 280 lít 6 ngăn

Tủ đông đứng Hòa Phát HCF -280S 280 lít 6 ngăn

Mã SP: HCF -280S
Giá bán: 5,750,000 đ
Tủ đông đứng Hòa Phát HCF-220P 216 lít 8 ngăn

Tủ đông đứng Hòa Phát HCF-220P 216 lít 8 ngăn

Mã SP: HCF-220P
Giá bán: 5,100,000 đ
Tủ Đông đứng Hòa Phát HCF-220S 216 Lít 8 ngăn

Tủ Đông đứng Hòa Phát HCF-220S 216 Lít 8 ngăn

Mã SP: HCF-220S
Giá bán: 5,000,000 đ
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About Us - HomeOrama

About Us - HomeOrama
About Us - HomeOrama

Who we are?

HomeOrama is your one-stop shop where you'll find information about the latest home automation products. From lights to thermostats, from power outlets to speakers, we have all the essential information you need to consider before making your final purchase decision.

We're dedicated to giving you the very best of the newest technology, along with such clear-cut and helpful features as ratings, reviews, price analysis, and comments, in order that customers can read and explore at their own pace. This website is full of secrets, ideas, in-depth reviews, and insights from consumers just like you.

Our story

It all began when one of my colleagues at the dealership I was working at had just accidentally cut the cable TV cord and asked me which smart device she should replace it with. I had no idea, so I started researching and then I got lost because there are so many different kinds of devices available on the market and none of them had any trusted reviews or anything that I could rely on to make my decision.

As we all know, electronics are big-ticket items, and if you're looking for a good return on investment, choosing the wrong device could leave you feeling over-charged and disappointed. So, to make these decisions easier for everyone, we created an unbiased, helpful resource for everyone to use in their purchasing decisions. That's when Homeorama comes to life.

Our mission

Designing an efficient layout for the house has taken on a new layer of complexity. The range and type of technology invading our living space has revolutionized how we navigate our lives around the house. Choosing the right products for your home and knowing which features will best suit you is no longer a simple task. It requires hours of research, visits to dozens of stores, and reading through countless reviews until you finally conclude that you're completely confused about where to start. At the end of the day, we are here to help you save time and money by guiding you through the maze of alternatives available. 

What we do

We work as a third-party contractor to provide customers with the most honest product evaluation possible. We understand that purchasing a product online can be challenging in many ways. Our aim is to ensure that you purchase products that align with your lifestyle needs, not just something that is created to earn more money by selling more units.

Homeorama provides an updated experience which allows new homeowners and consumers to become experts quickly by reviewing insights and unbiased reports on the latest innovations in smart homes and home-consuming electronics, including: lights, vacuums, microwaves, dishwashers, toasters, blenders, etc. Homeorama's blog also provides professional editorial content on some of the most popular smart home devices currently on the market, as well as updates on developments in residential automation.

How we do it

When shopping online, the most important information is not only about retail prices, but also about the dependability of product quality as advertised by the company. Beyond our website, we provide expert interviews and data in order to further help you make a decision on your purchases. Homeorama makes it easy for you to find the best tech and smart electronics products. We'll be looking at other features that those devices or systems offer, like range, smart integration (communicating with other devices), user friendliness, and review history. We don't only cover products like laptops and mobile phones.

HomeOrama was founded 3 years ago when we were looking for ways to track as many products as possible on some eCommerce websites so that we could find and add trusted reviews for each of them. From there, we began doing research with professionals in technology and other fields of study when working with a product that needs more knowledge than just price comparison. We only have a limited number of members on staff, and we have been thoroughly testing every product on our site for months. This enables us to give you an impartial view based on objective reviews, expert interviews, and comprehensive analysis. We aim to enhance our expertise by interviewing experts and accumulating data from a number of tests conducted on the latest smart products. In addition to this holistic approach to checking out the best brands available out there, we strive to offer detailed feedback about each product to help make the buying process easier than ever before.

By providing relevant information based on where our customers may be located, our website targets a larger audience, particularly a location-based audience. Homeorama reflects the tastes of all kinds of people from different ages, occupations, and cultures to explore related topics and exchange knowledge with readers.

Why trust us

Homeorama is a curated store with unbiased reviews of tech products. We believe that people deserve to know what they are buying and to make the best decisions when it comes to their purchases. We simplify your home shopping experience by putting reliable, current information in one place. Why spend time looking up information on different sites when we'll do it just as quickly and efficiently? Homeorama is not only an informational platform, but also a comparison site for determining the best value for the product you wish to purchase.

That's why we constantly strive for transparency through our reviews. We want potential buyers to know as much about any product before they purchase it, no matter if the price is outrageous or the product has a good deal on it. Quality testing and reporting are essential in an industry like ours.

Homeorama was created with our users in mind. Considering the fact that there are so many suppliers and so much misinformation available online, more than ever, people need a trusted resource. We emphasize integrity in our rating system and take your safety seriously. If a product seems suspicious or causes any discomfort, choose not to buy it.


Online and offline shopping has become more and more popular. Homeorama aims to make this experience more personalized and convenient, so it will not be more tiresome or time-consuming for consumers. The idea of the website is to provide reliable information about the product to potential buyers through our reviews. We also offer clients an opportunity to compare items and prices in a very convenient way thanks to our special search system. With HomeOrama, your shopping experience will become much simpler. So, don’t hesitate to join us now!

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